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At Correggio Consulting, we work with companies to develop their commercial and business strategies and help them to successfully compete and operate in their markets. With specific expertise in the international energy sector, we advise clients on a range of complex legal, regulatory, operational, marketing, commercial and strategic issues. Our services are utilised by leading corporations, start-ups, SMEs, governments and international organisations. 


  • We meet the compliance requirements of our clients and bring value to their business model and processes, upgrading them in line with market regulatory reforms. 

  • We specialise in formulating and rolling out a cost-effective implementation strategy, providing best practice industry solutions for our clients to mitigate regulatory risks and challenges.

  • We offer customised advice and professional consulting services on compliance aspects of commodity trading and risk management, including legal and regulatory due diligence; credit and risk management assessment; and IT, back office, and operational support.

  • We advise senior management on corporate and business strategy in the energy sector.

  • We provide in-house training sessions and strategy workshops tailored specifically to our clients’ business needs.   


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