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Correggio Consulting Experience

Corporate Projects

Assisting companies for entering into new energy trading markets onboarding support as managed service, intelligence on trading strategy and licensing

Legal Support & Contract Negotiation Projects

Contract negotiation as outsourced service advice on legal and contractual issues pertaining energy trading

Technical Assistance Projects

Team lead in numerous projects sponsored by international donors  (European Commission, EBRD, USAID etc.) in building commodity markets, strategic advice on market development to governments 

Corporate Projects

Re-design of contractual portfolio in the context of shifting the business to a new trading entity, this project involved the analysis of two distant contractual portfolios, including the underlying transportation and capacity arrangements for multiple countries. Delivery included assistance in re-negotiation of the contractual arrangements

Advise on application of sanctions on traded markets

Feasibility studies on transacting biogas across borders and working on options to transact in the most efficient way

Corp. Pan European Licensing for multiple trading companies when entering new European gas markets (18+ counties)

Advise on applicability of financial regulation on various business concepts and structural advise on how to set up the business in compliance with regulation

Due diligence in the context of sales, arbitration support, expert witness opinions in litigation context

Strategy consulting on renewable energy projects (PPAs, battery storage, gas storage, financial transaction relating to battery storage

Drafting of compliance documents for energy trading

Legal Projects

Swiss Energy trader

Advice on setting up a commodity trading desk from scratch with international licence applications, compliance regulations, strategic options for business set-up. Advice on competition proceedings at European Commission and strategic options. Advice on sanction policies in the energy industries and contractual arrangements

Prisma European Capacity Platform

Legal analysis of new regulation applying to platform offerings and corporate strategy for product launch on Prisma in view of planned and existent auctions. Strategic advice to the Managing Director on group policy looking forward

Swiss Commodity Trader

Legal analysis on exit scenarios for multiple capacity bookings at various borders. Continuous advice on strategic options.

Design of Compliance system for international trading operation on compliance in various jurisdictions for wholesale and retail services

Central European Platform Provider

Business strategy and probable organisational restructuring in view of regulatory overhaul of physical commodity market

International Commodities Trader

Compliance gap analysis in relation to MIFID, EMIR and REMIT. Main delivery in this project was the qualification of an entire commodity trading portfolio in view of applicable regulation and strategic advice to the Board of Directors on options for the group policy looking forward

Technical Assistance Projects

Republic of Azerbaijan

Development of market regulations in accordance with the target model to establish a competitive environment between producers and suppliers of electricity - project funded by the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan

European Commission

Assistance in the consultation process of electricity market and settlement rules in the Republic of Cyprus



Assistance to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) in improvement of Ukraine's energy commodity markets and commodity products organized trading in Ukraine - project funded by the European Union


Technical Assistance to the Government of Romania with the Development of the New Electricity Law - project funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

European Commission/ Worldbank

Key expert in multi-disciplinary project aiming at the establishment of a gas balancing, gas capacity wholesale gas market platform as blueprint for intended gas offerings at EPIAS (Turkish Energy Exchange). The project involved a comparative analysis of regulatory regimes in the EU and recommendations to the Turkish Ministry of Energy on options for establishing a liberalised gas market.


Republic of Albania

Assistance to Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) and building a Trading Strategy - project funded by USAID Connect for Growth (C4G)

Republic of Moldova

Improving Gas and Electricity Security of Supply in Moldova - project funded by USAID Connect for Growth (C4G)

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