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Summary of a discussion on the current trends in gas storage and the need for strategic gas storage >>


Jan Haizmann, Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (DG Energy) and Stephan Kamphues (ENTSO-G) discuss the issue of gas storage (text available in German).

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Ideas and Suggestions for Reform of the Renewable Energy Regulation in Germany >>


Jan Haizmann and Jerome Le Page put forward proposals for reform of the EEG (June 2014).

Energy Market Analysis: REMIT, EMIR, MIFID II >>


Correggio Consulting and partners analyse the status and impact of EU regulation in Germany (May 2014).

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Gasmarkt Telegram >>


Jan Haizmann analyses recent developments in EU energy and financial regulation (October 2013).

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Comments on the Ahland Case in the European Court of Justice >>


Speaking to Montel, Jan Haizmann discusses the possibility of changes to Germany's EEG renewable energy regulation (February 2014).

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