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OUR SERVICES //  involve advising private and public-sector organisations in areas such as legal, regulatory, operations, commerce and strategy.


Below is an indicative list of services rendered:

  • Physical and financial regulatory analysis

  • Structural advice on corporate strategy and portfolio optimization

  • Market entry strategy for power and gas markets (pre-market entry)

  • Coordination of pan-European registration / licensing procedures

  • Project due diligence support for asset purchases in gas and power

  • Negotiating legal arrangements for electricity and gas wholesale

  • Legal risk analysis in the context of market risk reports or counterparty risk reports

  • Arbitration services in the energy sector

  • Support in finding investment opportunities in the gas industry

  • Antitrust and compliance audits for energy supply and trading agreements

  • Corporate positioning vis-à-vis regulators and state authorities

  • Asset reviews, with a focus on wholesale trading portfolios

  • Institutional consulting within international framework service contracts

  • Implementation of the greenhouse trading schemes in the EU

  • Monitoring EU legislation in energy regulation and policy

  • Compliance audits in relation to customs and duties, financial and environmental regulations

  • Filing notifications with the European Commission and the relevant national authorities in relation to merger and acquisition deals

  • Market analysis from an EU competition law point of view

  • Assistance in EU-financed technical assistance projects 

  • Advising governments on energy market reform

  • Preparing companies for regulatory change (for example on Brexit impact)


Our experts leverage their market and industry expertise to meet the demands of a diverse energy sector clientele.

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