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Correggio Consulting is a member of the Executive Partners Group.


Founded in 2009, the Executive Partners Group is a consortium of independent companies that provides services for clients in the energy, financial services and technology sectors in Europe and worldwide.


The group and its independent members possess extensive skills and experience in shaping market policy and in the implementation of European and national regulatory programs in the energy industry. Clients include government agencies and institutions, regulators, grid operators and investment funds, as well as counterparties of energy traders and banks, such as large industrial companies.


The Executive Partners Group's diverse team comprises partners and industry specialists who offer expertise and insight on relevant market issues. The group's longstanding collaboration has been developed through multiple common and comparable pan-European projects in the energy sector.


With an outstanding track record in providing first-rate advisory services, the Executive Partners Group is the partner of choice in defining and delivering improved policies, regulatory risk management systems and compliance management frameworks.

To find out more about the Executive Partners Group,

please contact:


Jan Haizmann

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