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Energy markets and energy market regulation increasingly shape and impact on how, when and where business is done. A number of EU directives and regulations are in the process of overlaying current business standards and practices. We provide a comprehensive service to assist clients in anticipating and responding to energy regulation at EU and national levels.


Our know-how:


  • Analysis of sector-specific regulation available in the market place from an implementation perspective, utilising the latest market intelligence; identification of concrete impacts of a radical regulatory overhaul on your business; continuous monitoring of the regulatory environment and client alerts.

  • Overview of relevant sector regulations, including obligations and legislative timelines:

    • REMIT; EMIR; MiFID II/ MiFIR; MAD/MAR; CRD; Benchmarks regulation; Dodd-Frank Act.

    • Other market reforms affecting the energy industry.

    • Applicable national regimes and business conduct rules.

  • Assessment of the regulatory impact on organisations, corporate strategy, operations, legal framework, risk management and deal valuation; resulting in a gap-analysis and recommendations for implementation, including:

    • Classification of customer products and analysis of business structure, trading venues assessment.

    • Recommendations for compliance and optimisation.

    • Implementation projects and management thereof, with a specific focus on strategy, processes, IT, organisation and change.

  • Bespoke training and assessments for corporate and administrative staff on regulatory developments in the energy industry.

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