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Our consultants draw on vast legal experience and provide a range of legal services tailored to suit the needs of each client.


We offer:

  • Preparation of negotiation packages and standard master agreement templates for counterparties, including manuals for election sheets/schedules, appendices and annexes. We advise on the following spectrum of industry documentation:

    • European Federation of Energy Traders ("EFET") General Agreements for Electricity and Gas.     

    • International Swaps and Derivatives Association ("ISDA") Master Agreements.       

    • Cross Product Master Agreements ("CPMA").       

    • EFET Master Netting Agreements ("MNA").          

    • Grid Trade Master Agreements ("GTMA").            

    • Levy Exemption Certificates Agreements ("LECs").     

    • General Agreement to RECs Certificate and/or Guarantee of Origin Transactions ("RECs").

  • Analysis of deal flow and documentation guidelines; analysis of contractual enforcement in EU countries.

  • Legal assistance for energy OTC business and support for different products, due diligence and compliance verification services.

  • Analysis of legal risks pertaining to clearing rules:

    • ISDA and EFET Documentation Implications of EMIR Compliance including credit support provisions, clearing issues, key elections, coverage of clearing relationships, confidentiality waivers relating to EMIR's reporting and record keeping obligations.

  • Assistance with licensing requirements and procedural steps relating to wholesale trading operations and registration, according to national law.

  • Advice on contractual arrangements, for example with trading platforms, hub operators, TSOs and brokers.

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