We advise established global energy businesses, start-ups, governments and international organisations on all aspects of the energy commodity trading and market rules. We work with companies to develop commercial and business strategies in order to help them successfully compete and operate in increasingly complex and competitive commodity markets.   

OUR MISSION // is to deliver tangible benefits to our clients. We are commercially driven & focused on the timely delivery of top quality project work.

OUR PHILOSOPHY //  is to provide a first-class professional service where our clients are at the centre of each matter, benefiting from our personal commitment and competitive fee structure. We strive to work closely with multidisciplinary teams to ensure efficient, consistent and delivery-driven project management that conforms to in-house processes.


OUR UNIQUENESS //  lies in our belief that major corporate clients are willing to work with smaller firms such as our own, trusting that we can provide the industry-leading expertise, personal service and experience they require whilst maintaining better leverage compared to large multinational consulting groups.


OUR FREELANCE CONCEPT //  guarantees tailor-made consultant teams, designed to suit each client’s individual needs. Correggio Consulting has a multidisciplinary team at its disposal ensuring that services can be provided by the most appropriate and experienced consultants for every matter.



At Correggio Consulting, we are committed to providing a bespoke, high-quality service that is customer-focused and commercially-driven. We adhere to strict standards and anticipate the needs of our clients at every stage of the process.


Our work is governed by a set of 5 principles:


  • We strive to deliver tangible benefits to our clients.

  • We are commercially driven and focused on timely delivery of project work to an exceptional standard.

  • We put our clients first and provide them with the unrivalled benefits of our personal commitment and industry expertise.

  • We work closely with multidisciplinary teams to ensure a cost-effective, delivery driven project process in conformity with in-house standards. 

  • We believe the quality of our service is manifested in our exceptional record and outstanding industry reputation.


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